This Course is in Beta Testing

Entry by invitation only!

 Joining now as a beta tester gives you early access to this course at an amazing HALF PRICE. As I build the course you will be able to give me feedback on each module to improve user experience. Don’t worry – you will get access to all the improvements too. Scroll down for Testimonials, FAQ's and Curriculum...

Do you want to expand the versatility of your watercolor painting?

Over nearly two decades I have taught thousands of students from beginners to professionals in venues in England and Europe, and in this course I will not only help you to improve your watercolors, but learn how to combine them effectively with other mediums!


  • What's a Beta Tester?

    I simply need you to provide feedback as I build the course and let me know of any technical issues that arise, or improvements you would like to see. Don't worry, you also get access to any new content I add.

  • When will the course be completely built?

    Although I can’t give an exact date, I will be working on it non-stop in between teaching my regular classes. You should therefore receive at least 1 new module each week, there are 8 in total.

  • How much will the course cost?

    When the course is completely built it will be launched at a price of $297 US Dollars (approx £245 GBP) As a Beta Tester you get it HALF PRICE: $148 US Dollars (approx £112 GBP)

  • What will I learn?

    You will complete 8 full paintings, each combining a watercolor with a different medium. You will be provided with an attractive source photo, full materials list, downloadable PDF written instructions and a step-by-step video.

  • How will I give feedback and ask questions?

    There is a messaging facility within the course where you can send me a direct message, or you can just email me.

  • What are the subjects and mediums we will study?

    Scroll further down this page for a full list!

  • Where can I get the materials I need?

    You probably already have many of the materials, unless you are completely new to painting. I will provide links so you can buy recommended items online, or you can source them yourself locally or on the internet.

  • Is the course suitable for beginners?

    Although most people will come to the course with a little watercolor experience, there's absolutely nothing that a beginner with enthusiasm can't tackle!

Course curriculum



8 MODULES + Introduction


About the course:


Each module will contain:


• A unique copyright free photograph

• Materials list

• Step by step worksheet with extra tips

• Full step by step video 

Projects and Mediums: 

Module 1 – Japanese Lady Illustration in Watercolor and Ink


Module 2   Autumn Leaf in Watercolor and Coloured Pencil


Module 3 – Still Life with Fruits in Watercolor and Oil Pastel


Module 4 – Sea Shells on Beach in Watercolor and Gouache


Module 5 – Landscape in Watercolor and Charcoal/Chalk


Module 6 – Hydrangea Study in Watercolor and Watercolor Pencil


Module 7 – Beach Huts in Watercolor and Collage

Module 8 – Portrait in Watercolor and Acrylics


What my students say...

Fast improvement!

Penny Wilby

I have always assumed my art skills were awful (didn’t bother with GCSE art) but your brilliant teaching ability resulted in me learning more in 30 minutes that I ever did at school! Thank you!

Something new and positive after retirement!

by Mary Parrott

I am finding skills I never suspected I possessed and really feel that I have made progress. As a teacher myself, and latterly a teacher of teachers, I know that teaching is not as easy as many people think and you are really good at it, not just the lecturing/ demonstrating part , but the ability to give individuals what they need. Your awareness of colour is extraordinary; you can see what will enhance or rescue a painting immediately. You give clear guidance about materials and tools and really know your subject inside out. Your positivity and encouragement have really been a life-changer for me. And I don’t say that lightly.

Easy to understand...

Mark Shoesmith!

You have an ability to make your students feel at ease and welcome. Your technique in presenting a subject makes it easy to understand what you are trying to convey. You are able to give help and support to your students in a very constructive and positive way. Your enthusiasm for your subject, art, comes across well and therefore enthuses others. You appear to have boundless energy.