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Buying before the course is ready gets you an amazing discount, when the course is launched it will be $99

Meet your tutor

Michele has over 20 years experience teaching painting and drawing in the UK and Europe. She has taught thousands of students at hundreds of venues. She is a published commercial illustrator, and has given lectures and demonstrations to art clubs and societies. Her tutorials have been published in magazines and seen on Sky TV and YouTube.

About this course:

In this course you will concentrate not on subjects and full paintings, which can be overwhelming for beginners, but on the most basic techniques you need, the building blocks for everything else you will achieve in watercolor painting:

Exclusive Pre-Order Price

Buying before the course is ready gets you an amazing discount, when the course is launched it will be $99

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There are FAQ's further down this page but if you have additional questions just email me on inthestudiowithmichele@gmail.com


  • How much is the course in British pounds or other currency?

    The exchange rate changes every day but you can get a rough idea by putting the question into Google. There may be slight variations depending on which conversion metrics the Thinkific site is using but you can certainly get a good idea of the approximate price. Remember to do this on the same day you intend to buy the course. When you buy Thinkific will automatically convert the price to charge you the right amount of money for your local currency.

  • When will the course be ready?

    Planned launch date is 8 December 2020.

  • What support will I get?

    In addition to email access to Michele, there will be a dedicated Facebook group, just for students of Michele’s Thinkific courses, where you can compare results and get advice alongside other students.

  • How long will I have access to the course for?

    After you buy the course you have lifetime access, you can take the course at your leisure and re-visit any of the modules you like. Plus you will automatically have access to any additional content or upgrades that are added at a later date.

  • What’s in the course?

    There are 10 modules each with a different technique; flat washes, graduated washes, crisp edges, we will deep dive into all the necessary components for success. The videos will teach you to control the paint and are a basis for all other techniques you will learn on your watercolor painting journey. Controlling water levels and laying down the paint properly are vital to success in this medium.

  • What does each module consist of?

    In each of the 10 modules you will get a full video tutorial of the technique and demonstrations of how to do it. There’s also a downloadable PDF to compliment each video, this will give you written and visual step by step instructions for the technique, including tips for success and troubleshooting to get you out of trouble. In addition there are (optional) high quality downloadable photos to give you a subject to paint if you would like to try using the technique you have been taught in a full painting.

  • What materials will I need to buy?

    If you already have paper, paint and brushes you may not need to buy anything. I will not be insisting you have exact colors and brands. However, there will be a video and downloadable PDF with tons of advice and links to suggested materials so you can choose what to buy if you don’t have anything.