Who is the course for?

  • Beginners who want to increase their knowledge of watercolor pencils

  • Anyone who loves to do flower painting projects

  • Improvers who want to learn more about watercolor pencils for botanicals

8 Modules

Each module teaches a basic technique, clearly explained, with full flower tutorial video and text, tips and troubleshooting help to ensure success!

Course includes:

  • Lifetime access, view content as many times as you like

  • Email support and a dedicated Facebook group for students

  • Introduction and recommended materials videos/PDFs

  • A handy site access guide to help you log in and navigate

  • 8 Modules (lessons) each a complete painting tutorial

  • 3hrs 33 minutes of videos

  • 8 downloadable step by step PDFs to supplement the video tutorials

  • 8 downloadable source photos for the paintings

Meet your tutor

Michele has over 20 years experience teaching painting and drawing in the UK and Europe. She has taught thousands of students at hundreds of venues. She is a published commercial illustrator, and has given lectures and demonstrations to art clubs and societies. Her tutorials have been published in magazines and seen on Sky TV and YouTube with over 40K subscribers, with videos viewed over a million times.

What do students say?


  • Cathy Parish, Ohio, USA

    I absolutely love learning with you; the details you provide are excellent. I have taken quite a few art courses online, yours are my favourites!

  • Sabrina Ceraolo, California, USA

    I appreciate how Michele breaks down the steps and makes them relatable, so I paid for the more detailed watercolor pencils course and am happy I did. They provide a more detailed look at how versatile this medium is and the techniques used

  • Dixie Oswald, Idaho, USA

    I learned some nice points of using watercolor pencils that I did not know.

Price includes lifetime access

Complete at your own speed and re-visit modules as often as you like...

What you will learn:

  • Gain confidence in watercolor pencils

  • Learn techniques and apply them to real paintings

  • Understand the correct way to apply and blend the pencils

  • Learn how to accurately draw and paint beautiful flowers

  • Create 8 full paintings from drawing to completion

Course curriculum

Each flower 'module' contains full tutorial video (approx 30 mins), a downloadable source photo and an illustrated step by step tutorial to accompany the video.

  • 3

    Materials List

    • Materials, a video chat

  • 4

    Module 1: Bluebells

    • Module 1 Bluebells

  • 5

    Module 2: White Rose

    • Module 1 White Rose

  • 6

    Module 3: Pansy

    • Module 3 Pansy

  • 7

    Module 4: Red Poppy

    • Module 4 Red Poppy

  • 8

    Module 5: Daisy

    • Module 5 Daisy

  • 9

    Module 6: Lily

    • Module 6 Lily

  • 10

    Module 7: Daffodil

    • Module 7 Daffodil

  • 11

    Module 8: Hydrangea

    • Module 8 Hydrangea

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Questions before buying?

  • Why is the course in US dollars?

    Although Michele is English, the Thinkific site is American, and about 60% of her online students are American. But people take her courses from all over the world and you can pay with any currency!

  • How much is the course in British pounds or other currency?

    The exchange rate changes every day but you can get a rough idea by putting the question into Google. There may be slight variations depending on which conversion metrics the Thinkific site is using but you can certainly get a good idea of the approximate price. Remember to do this on the same day you intend to buy the course. When you buy Thinkific will automatically convert the price to charge you the right amount of money for your local currency.

  • What if I don't have Paypal?

    Paypal is just the method by which the site receives payment, you can pay with your usual credit or debit card.

  • What flowers will we paint in the course?

    The course includes: English Bluebells, white Rose, purple and yellow Pansy, red Poppy, Daisy, orange Lily, bi-color Daffodil and Hydrangea

  • What materials will I need to buy?

    If you already have paper, watercolor pencils and brushes you may not need to buy anything. I will not be insisting you have exact colors and brands. However, there will be a video and downloadable PDF with tons of advice and links to suggested materials so you can choose what to buy if you don’t have anything.

  • How is the course structured?

    There are 8 modules each with a full video tutorial, and two downloadable PDFs. The first PDF is an illustrated step by step of the technique taught in the video, it also includes additional tips and troubleshooting to help you figure out any issues you are having. The second PDF gives you a copyright free photograph to work from.

  • What support will I get?

    In addition to email access to Michele, there is a dedicated Facebook group, just for students of Michele’s Thinkific courses, where you can compare results and get advice alongside other students. If you have any access or log in issues or trouble understanding how to navigate the site you can also request a special PDF guide that will make everything clear. The PDF guide is in your course, if you have lost access it is also in the Facebook group or you can simply email Michele for a copy.

  • How long will I have access to the course for?

    After you buy the course you have lifetime access, you can take the course at your leisure and re-visit any of the modules you like. Plus you will automatically have access to any additional content or upgrades that are added at a later date.