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Who is the course for?

  • Complete beginners starting from scratch

  • Intermediate painters who would benefit from following along

  • Anyone who loves Roses!

Meet your tutor

Michele has over 20 years experience teaching painting and drawing in the UK and Europe. She has taught thousands of students at hundreds of venues. She is a published commercial illustrator, exhibition curator, and has given lectures and demonstrations to art clubs and societies. Her tutorials have been published in magazines and seen on Sky TV and YouTube with over 50K subscribers, with videos viewed over two million times.

Course includes:

  • Lifetime access, view content as many times as you like

  • Email support and a dedicated Facebook group for students

  • Downloadable PDF Materials/Resources Guide

  • Full step-by-step video tutorial over 1 hour

  • Drawing and painting techniques

  • Color 'swaps' so you can use the colors you have

  • Downloadable source Rose photo for printing

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What you will learn:

  • The basic materials needed for a simple watercolor painting

  • Alternative colors if you don't have the same ones

  • How to draw a realistic Rose

  • A beautiful wet into wet background

  • Petals with blending and shading

  • Foliage, hard and soft edges


  • Why is the course free?!

    Michele simply wants more people to know about her work, and for you to get personal experience of her tuition. The more people that know, trust and recommend her the more people she can reach!

  • What's the catch?

    No catch, but if you like the course we would love you to share it with a friend, in an art group, or on social media using the hashtag #MichelesRose

  • What other support will I get?

    In addition to email access to Michele, there is a dedicated Facebook group, just for students of Michele’s Thinkific courses, where you can compare results and get advice alongside other students. If you have any access or log in issues or trouble understanding how to navigate the site you can also find another copy of the PDF access guide pinned to the top of the Facebook group - it will make everything clear. If you don't use Facebook just email Michele, there's a form on her website.

  • How long will I have access to the course for?

    After you register for the course you have lifetime access, you can take the course at your leisure and re-visit it any time you like. Plus you will automatically have access to any additional content or upgrades that are added at a later date.

  • Will I get a ton of email spam now?

    Michele sends out an email newsletter approx once a week with new free and paid products, helpful advice and links to her latest YouTube videos. There are also pre-sale offers that only subscribers get when she launches new courses. We would love you to stay subscribed, but if you don't like the newsletter just scroll to the bottom of it and click 'unsubscribe' you will immediately be removed from the mailing list.

  • What materials will I need to buy?

    If you already have paper, paint and brushes you may not need to buy anything. This tutorial is designed to be as flexible as possible and does not insist you have exact colors and brands. However, there's a downloadable PDF with tons of advice and links to suggested materials so you can choose what to buy if you don’t have anything. Plus there's a handy list of 'color swaps' to show you alternative colors you can use.

Course Curriculum:

  • 1

    Pink Rose Tutorial

    • How to access your Thinkific lessons

  • 2

    Pink Rose Tutorial

    • Pink Rose Tutorial